Frequently Asked Questions

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Can men come to the Women's Motorcycle Show?

ABSOLUTELY! WMS is open to all attendees, whatever gender.

Are dogs allowed?

Sure, if they're friendly and good with crowds and loud music.

Can I bring my kids?

This is not necessarily a kid-friendly event, however, you're welcome to bring the whole family IF you are comfortable with adult themes, language, loud music, and alcohol in their surroundings!

The 2020 WMS starts at 3p with live music kicking off at 8p, and we will be deferring to the House of Machines rules for their bar and restaurant.

Where and when is the 2020 show?

Saturday, February 22nd, from 3pm to 12am at the House of Machines LA. (Get directions on google here.)

How much is it? Where do I get tickets?

$5 bucks for General Admission and they are available for purchase in advance on Eventbrite in the coming days, or at the door.

How do I submit my bike, art, or sponsor the show?

Send us an email to womensmotoshow (at) or use the contact form.

I've heard about the raffle, what's in it?

Oh, all sorts of things. Depends on the year! We've had full tool sets from Craftsman, camping sets from Gerber Gear, minibikes from Coleman Powersports, and more. You'll have to come check it out.

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