Interested in showing your bike at the Women’s Motorcycle Show? Awesome! 

First things first– does it fit into one or more the following categories:

  • Did you build it? Did you help?
  • Did you find it in a barn?
  • Do you race it?
  • Does it have historical significance?
  • Is it moderately customized but has a really cool story?

Then YUP– we want to see it! Don’t be shy. Many of the women who have brought bikes in the past had just recently got into wrenching, building, and often had a lot of help with their rides. That’s okay! It takes a village, even for the “big guys” who frequent popular shows like J&P Cycles or Chopperfest.

We love to highlight the wide variety of talents and tastes women in motorcycling bring to the road. Whether that’s a rat bike built out of parts you sourced from your own personal junkyard or a carefully crafted restoration.

How do I submit my bike?

For the sixth annual Women’s Motorcycle Show in Texas from May 21-23, CLICK THIS LINK and fill out the form (including photos) before May 7, 2021.

If for whatever reason that doesn’t work, head over to the contact page and send us a picture and short description of your motorcycle.

Women’s Moto Show 2020, by Daniel Bergeron
Katee Sackhoff’s custom motorcycle built by Classified Moto | WMS 2016
Women’s Moto Show 2020, by Daniel Bergeron
Jessi Combs’ Harley Davidson “Lilly” | WMS 2017 photo by Jimmy Ban
WMS 2018 photo by Sam Bendall
Krystal Hess’ Indian | WMS 2018 photo by Sam Bendall
Women’s Moto Show 2020, by Daniel Bergeron
Women’s Moto Show 2018, photo by Mariya Stangl